About Us

Hey! It’s Moanna here and I’m the founder of Moanna Made.

First of all, thank you for reading this before your purchase.

I’m a firm believer that fashion doesn’t need more clothing - what it does need is a sustainable production business model to a never ending fabric waste dumping cycle.

So at Moanna, our goal is to make affordable women’s clothing on a zero inventory future business model so as to minimise production waste.

The inspiration behind the brand was upon the idea that fashion should be joyful, effortless, affordable yet sustainable. Thoughtfully-produced in sustainable fabric and textile is at the heart of the brand.Our goal is two-fold: making real changes in the fashion industry ; and our shoppers to enjoy affordable and sustainable clothings.

We set out to provide solution to what we saw as a major issue - Fashion waste problem that derived from excess fabric to unsold inventory. At the same time, at every step, we balanced clothing quality, sustainability, pricing and design. So let’s break it down:

Problem 1: 30% of the clothes produced is never sold, which led to unsold inventory and died out as unsold wastage.

Solution: Let us be little more real here.. Made-to-order model may sounds like BS, but hey, we can offer you trendy clothings at 1/8 of retail price.

Overproduction seems to be accepted as an entrepreneurial risk. It’s a shame in my opinion because there is a way to prevent it. Our made-to-order business model permits us to truly understand what our customer wants, allowing us to have production precision, better communication with our production line and factories, leading us bring real value and honest prices to you.

Problem 2: Ridiculously high apparel markups. Looking good doesn't need to be that expensive.

Solution: Moanna operate on a 100% e-commerce and a zero-inventory-future only model. Zero-inventory-future model = 1/8 of retail price.

We don’t rent high rise building office space nor do we do retail shops. We spend most of our budget on clothing quality, sustainable production and on digital media ads so as to reach you. This has allowed us to remove the middlemen, unnecessary production waste and inventory costs.

Problem 3: 84% of textile ends up in landfills each year.

Solution: Moanna is working towards the zero inventory future by minimizing production waste with our pre-order model. By utilising this model, we will be able to help push the envelope in the industry and make pre-order model the norm in the future.

… I could continue, but I can promise you, we truly just want to make real changes out there about the apparel industry.

Otherwise, go spice up your closet and get yourself some sweet Moanna’s clothing haul before they’re gone because we can’t always keep up.

-With love, Moanna.